Walker Farm and Pecans ecommerce store is currently closed. We are also announcing we will not be selling pecans locally at The Blossom Shop, next year's Pecan Festival or Farmer's market. We are a small family pecan farm and as hard as we worked, the Pecan Weevil took over our 2018 crop. These snout beetles chewsa hole through the pecan shuck and feed on the pecan. It was a complete crop loss.                          
                     As farmers, we know the challenges. So we will continue to work hard, learn from our mistakes, and see what happens with our 2019 Walker Farm Pecan crop.
In the meantime, we hope that those that live locally will support our friends at Tree Top Pecans on 20th street. They open Nov. 12 and will be open thru the holiday season. For those that need shipping options, please consider Pecan Farms that were devastated by Hurricane Michael. Many of our South Georgia friends were able to get their crop harvested but their orchards were destroyed. Goodsonpecans.com is one of those family pecan farms.          
Thank you for supporting Walker Farm and Pecans the last two years. We have really appreciated your business and support.  We plan to open again next year!  
Remember—Everything tastes better with pecans!

Enjoy your holidays!    Bev@walkerfarmandpecans.com      918-752-9049

Thank you for stopping by Walker Farm and Pecans. See you fall of 2019!

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