2017 Walker Farm and Pecan Harvest Update

Happy Fall,

Are you getting excited to start making AND eating your Holiday favorite foods?  I know you will be adding Pecans to your favorite recipes. 

We wanted to let you know where Walker Pecans is on our 2017 harvest schedule and opening of our retail online and pop up shops. 

We are always behind warmer states like Texas, New Mexico and southern Georgia and Mississippi.  Improved Varieties or as many people call "Papershell" pecans are normally harvested in early October.  This year many other states started harvest in late September. One of the  reasons why most Pecan Retail shops open the first of November  is because they can start by selling the varieties from areas that are able to harvest pecans in October.

Since we only sell our own home grown pecans, we have to wait until Walker Pecans are ready to harvest.  Not all Pecan trees are alike.  Pecans do not fall off the trees at the same time.  Even when there are pecans falling out of a tree, you have to wait till the rest of the husks are opening so when you shake the tree the pecans come out of the husks. And while we wait, a battle is being waged with squirrels, crows, raccoons, possums and bluejays.

The next step is choosing the pecans that taste great.  Again not all pecan trees make a great tasting pecan!  Once chosen, off they go to a state certified Pecan Processor.  That is where they are cleaned, cracked and come out the shells as beautiful Pecan Halves.  Because we are a small pecan producer, we may have to wait a week or two before our pecans are processed.  A couple of factors play into this wait.  Most Processors prefer to process larger orders than we typically provide.   Most Processors prefer to prepare the larger Improved Varieties over the small and typically harder shell native pecan.  But we all know that Native Pecans are worth the wait!

With all that said, we plan to begin our harvest within the week and then  our retail online and pop-up shops should be open around November 27th.  We have great Holiday Gift boxes this year packaged in gable boxes to fit the choice of Gourmet Pecans or our yummy native or improved variety pecans. We again will offer our special Sweet Delicious, made with cinnamon spice, our Roasted and Salted pecans and a new addition for the holiday season is our Chocolate Pecan Clusters.

We can't wait to share our 2017 Pecan crop with you!

Thanks to those that gave us a try last year.  If you haven't given Walker Farm and Pecans a try, we hope you will look at our website and let us ship your holiday gifts of pecans.

We look forward to providing your pecan needs for the coming Christmas Holiday and thru 2018. Please email or call if we can assist you or you have any questions about our products. 



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