A letter from Nuts the squirrel...

Hello Folks this is Nuts the Squirrel!

Walker Farm and Pecans is getting ready for the 2016 Pecan Harvest.  For the first time, Bob and Bev Walker are going to share their family grove pecans on the retail market.  The majority of their pecan grove is made up of big native pecan trees, like the one you see here that I call home. But they are also going to share the fruits of their labor from their new improved varieties that Bob grafted and planted over the years.  The sweet news is that Bev is going to share a long time family favorite…Sweet Delicious Pecans that they say melt in your mouth and are the best sweet pecan snack you have ever tasted.  (She has yet to bring me some but family members that come out to the farm are constantly bragging about them)

So get ready…nature’s fresh nutritious pecans are getting ready to fall from the trees. Bob is getting his harvester ready.  He has been busy this week cleaning up the pecan orchard by cutting low hanging tree limbs, removing limbs that winds and (not much rain) have caused to be blown out of the pecan trees.  Bev has been delegated to her annual job of picking up sticks from around the trees.  So far they have recruited her brother Phil to help with the 2016 pecan crop and even Phil recruited friend Chris to come and help one day.  It is all hands on board! 

Pecans today- October 14th- are still a little green, but even so I can personally tell you that they are delicious! I’ve heard Bob tell Bev that it will still be a few weeks before they are ready to pick. In the meantime, Bob and Bev are trying their best to dis-invite me to their pecan harvest party, but I’m quick and cute and I’m not going anywhere because these Walker Farm Pecans are the best!!  So good luck to all of you.  Me and my squirrel buddies are going to help ourselves to these delicious Walker pecans without having to log onto the www.walkerfarmandpecans.com website to reserve our fresh bag of improved variety or native pecans.   I also heard Bev say that customers can email her at bev@walkerfarmandpecans.com and she will let you know when the crop is in, pecans have been processed and delivery is ready.

Oh, one last thing.  Bev does have some of her Sweet Delicious Pecan snacks available NOW that can be ordered and delivered.  Great time to share with family and friends while drinking a specialty hot coffee (Pumpkin Spice for instance) and hot teas on these cool October evenings!  She also has a fun office pack that provide a snack bag for each of your co-workers.  Check it out on the website!

Me and my squirrel buddies LOVE PECAN season!  It is my favorite time of year!!!



Squirrel in Walker Farm Pecan Tree

Okmulgee, Ok.


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