Closing Shop till November

We have had so much fun and met so many great people during our inaugural year of Walker Farm and Pecans, retail business.

Thank you to all those that purchased our pecans halves and our Gourmet Pecans.

We feel so blessed.

We are currently working hard in preparation for our 2017 Pecan crop.  At this date, July 2nd, it looks to be like another small crop in terms of what our orchard could produce.  We are currently continuing to clean our orchards...removing limbs and dead trees, spraying for all the bugs that try and eat the pecans and getting our equipment ready to pick up and harvest.  For the first time I was the mechanic's assistant in replacing the tractor's radiator!  Of course, Bobby is the mechanic and I still have grease under my fingernails!!

Of course on the cattle side, we are also continuing to care for the pecan trees we planted a few years also during the drought. We built cages around them so the cows won't eat them but they manage to anyway!  So we are constantly raising the cages, clipping the leaves and managing the weeds and bugs.  

We had a nice crop of calves this year.  In fact we had a little heifer today.  So all is well at  Walker Farm.  In a few weeks will we be building some new cattle pens that will enhance our ability to work our cows when it is time to get them in the corral.  

Hope you have a wonderful and safe 4th of July and a great rest of the summer!

 See you in the fall.  Bev




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