Pecan Meat Halves

Yes, Pecans are called Mother Nature's Health food.  Walker Farm and Pecans is proud to offer its 2019 Native and Improved Variety Pecans!

Our re-sealable One pound bags are filled with fresh crop pecans! 

Our Native Pecans have been harvested from our family farm that includes many trees over 100 years old. The native pecan tree is native to much of the U.S. They are cultivated for their nut, the meat of which is delicious.

Our Improved Varieties are harvested from trees on the farm that have been grafted and/or planted  by Bob over the past 30 years.  An improved variety is also nicknamed "paper shell" for their ultra thin shells. Improved varieties are also superior in their nut size compared to natives.

Fresh picked pecans are perfect for your holiday baking and can be stored in the freezer in a tightly sealed container for up to two years.  Pecans, if stored correctly,  are delicious as a snack any time. 

Many of your family and friends will consider a gift of home grown pecans a gift of gold no matter the time of year. 

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