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Our Story

This 160 acre farm, west of Okmulgee, Oklahoma, came into the Walker family in the 1940’s.  The farm boasted of large native pecan trees, oil wells and pasture for cattle.

In the Fall of each year, Martha and Cleon Walker would open the gates to local people to pick up pecans on the halves.  Cleon prepared the trees for the pickers using a homemade bumper on the back of a two ton truck to knock the pecans on the ground.  Martha learned each family’s stories and made sure they had food and water to survive the day picking. Pecans in burlap sacks would then show up at the local fruit stands in town to be weighed and paid in cash for the daily pecan harvest.

By the 1970’s, pecan equipment was purchased and the days of picking pecans by hand off the ground disappeared. By then Martha and Cleon’s son Bobby and his wife Beverly moved to the farm.  With the help of their two sons, the next generation of Walker’s continued the pecan harvest.  In addition, improved varieties of pecans were grafted and a new era of Walker Pecans began.

The boys have since grown up and moved on.  Bob and Bev continue the Walker Pecan tradition by caring for, preparing and harvesting simply the best native pecans.  The improved varieties begin to show promise while they wait for the next generation to grow tall enough to reach the sorting table and help with the annual pecan harvest.